Viglia Olives' facilities in Halkidiki

Our Facilities

We always work with the latest technology, combining tradition, experience and high knowledge. Our facilities are located in Marianna Area of Polygyros, Halkidiki, in privately owned olive groves of 25.000 trees (total number is rising rapidly every year). We are equipped with state-of-the-art processing machinery, optimized for all production stages and the processing of olives in all different forms and any type of olive treatment necessary to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Production Line

The facilities include a production line for the packaging of table olives, such as glass jars, metal tins, plastic kegs, plastic barrels, plastic pots, pouches, vacuum bags etc. Modern technologies allow for a complete traceability system -farm to end product- and offer total control at each production stage. We always keep invensting in new technologies, and cooperate with academic institutions, so we can truly remain an innovative company in an evergrowing industry.

World map of Viglia Olive exporting countries

Viglia Worldwide Presence

Over 90% of our annual sales concern exports. Today the company is processing vast quantities of olives, offering a wide variety of table olives, supplying different clients and markets worldwide. Our philosophy is to strive for excellence and innovation. We seek day-by-day new impeccable product proposals, based on the changing needs and demands of the global and Greek market.

Thereby we promote new range of products, combined with ingredients like, almond, garlic, pepper, piri-piri among others. The company’s exporting focus (90% of the turnover) covers not only European countries, but also Canada, USA, Russia, Australia, and even New Zealand.