Glass jars with viglia olives


Trustworthy Partnership

We not only understand the needs of our clients, but we are also in a unique position to provide most of our bulk-packaging solutions on a year-round basis. We are committed in securing a trouble-free cooperation and sales support. No strenuous forecast form our clients is needed, nor upfront investment for labels, containers and logistics.

Branding & Packaging Design Services

Having the privilege to work with one of the most capable and experienced branding agencies in Northern Greece at the FMCG sector, we can create any new product, or rebrand – redesign any existing one. Pre-drawing, draft labels, mock-ups, pre-final products, are among our day-to-day working schedule. Moreover we support the development of any specific feature and offer our expertise for a strong head-start in the market. All of the above can provide a more ‘secure’ outlook to a client’s sales.

Big to low quantities

Although big volume-sales certainly give opportunities for competitive prices, we don’t neglect smaller orders or new and specialized business deals. In every single order, we see a first step towards establishing long-lasting business relationships, and we mean to honor it.

Olives in Glass Jar

Various glass jars with viglia olives

Various sizes and shapes
210ml, 212ml, 270ml, 315ml, 330ml, 370ml, 380ml, 395ml, 500ml, 580ml, 720ml, 1lt, 1062ml, 1,5lt, 1,7lt, 2lt,3,2lt

Olives in Confite Gold & Metal Tins

Various confite and metal tins for viglia olives

Confite Tins Gold: 425ml, 850ml, 1200ml, A8, A9, A10,A12
Metal Tins: 10lt, 10lt Pasteurized or Sterilized, 20lt

Olives in other packaging

Various pasteurised, vacuum, plastic packaging for viglia olives

Pet for pasteurized: 1,6lt PP Pet, 2,4lt PP Pet, 3,3lt PP Pet / Plain pet transparent: 1lt, 1,5lt, 2lt, 3lt
Vacuum bags: 1Kg, 3Kg / Plastic buckets: 3,8lt, 5,1lt, 10,6lt, 12lt
Plastic barrels: 3,3lt, 8lt, 20lt, 220lt