Close up of Viglia Olives in a plate

Let us introduce you to our greek olives variety

Although greek olives are most often associated with Kalamata Olives, there are several different types of olives that are famously cultivated in Greece. Halkidiki Black Olives are naturally cured on the tree, harvested late in the winter and completed with a bed of thick sea salt, whereas Halkidiki Green Olives are harvested while young and have full soft flavor, a bit peppery in taste and a bright green yellow color. Lastly, Kalamata olives are harvested by hand only when they fully ripe and are marinated in salt brine, immersed in olive oil and wine vinegar to acquire a characteristic light fruity flavor and sweetness

Close up of Halkidiki black olive variety

Halkidiki Variety Black Olives

Close up of Halkidiki green olive variety

Halkidiki Variety Green Olives

Close up of Kalamata olive variety

Kalamata Variety Olives